Board of Directors

Biology Fortified, Inc. is managed by a Board of 3-9 Directors, who serve terms for two years, with no term limits. The Board of Directors is elected during its annual meeting, and are not compensated for their role in determining the course of the organization.


Karl Haro von Mogel (Chair)


Karl Haro von Mogel holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics at UW-Madison with a minor in Life Sciences Communication. His interests in plant genetics and science communication trace back to his experience at UC Davis, where he also wrote a science newspaper column and started a science radio show that aired for 4 years. He currently works as a Research Geneticist in Madison, WI. Disclaimer: Karl’s words are his own and views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s).

Anastasia Bodnar, Ph.D.


Anastasia Bodnar has a PhD in genetics with a minor in sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University. Her favorite produce is artichokes! Learn more about Anastasia at Disclaimer: Anastasia’s words are her own and views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of her employer(s).

Pam Ronald, Ph.D.


Pam Ronald, PhD. Pamela Ronald is Professor of Plant Pathology and Chair of the Plant Genomics Program at the University of California, Davis, where she studies the role that genes play in a plant’s response to its environment. Her research focuses on the genetics of rice. With her husband, she co-wrote Tomorrow’s Table, a book about including genetic engineering into organic agricultural systems. She writes at Science Blogs.

David Tribe, Ph.D.


David Tribe, Ph.D. is an applied geneticist with a faculty position in an Australian University, teaching microbiology and food science. He is involved with helping the Australian farming community get access to choices about technology. He also writes the blog, GMO Pundit.