What to Write About

Are you interested in writing a guest post for the Biofortified Blog, but are unsure what to write about? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm . We talk a lot about science on the blog, but you do not have to be a scientist to make a great contribution!

Whatever you decide to write about, whether you are a new contributor or a regular author, it is always best to consult us on your chosen topic before you start writing. The editors can help you turn an idea into a whole post, even if you are new to writing.

Plants, Genetics, Biotechnology

The Biofortified Blog focuses on plant genetics, biotechnology aka GMOs, plant breeding, and similar topics. Articles discussing the science tend to be well-referenced and carefully crafted. If you are a plant scientist, geneticist, plant breeder, or other scientist with expertise in this area, this is perhaps one of the best ways you could contribute. You could talk about the science, or one of the many issues that intersect the science. That’s what this blog is all about!


There are many interesting topics in agriculture, and we love to talk about them on the blog. You could write about cover crops, fertilizers, pesticides, organics, environmental impact, climate change, land use, farmer’s markets, and more! If you are a farmer, you could write about your experiences and what you do on your farm. If it it interesting, we want to talk about it on the blog!


You eat food every day, but not everyone in the world has that luxury. You could write about nutrition, culture and traditions, modernization, big and small producers, world hunger, food distribution, and even write about some of your personal views on food. Do you have a recipe that you want to share? So many possibilities!


What are the ethical issues that emerge from the issues around science, agriculture, and food? What are the ethical implications of new innovations in crops, food, or production practices? Are laws leading to ethical consequences, or taking us down the wrong path? You can help our readers think about important ethical issues involved in plant genetics, breeding, science, agriculture, and more.


Are students learning enough about science, genetics, and agriculture? Are there some innovative ways of reaching and educating more people? What about the public understanding of science, is it getting better or worse, and will the public be able to make good decisions based on current knowledge? If you are an educator, you could write about your own experiences.

Politics, Law, Regulations

Are you a lawyer, policy geek, or someone who thinks about the consequences of current or future political movements and laws? Is there a better way to regulate new plants? There are all kinds of opportunities for someone interested in this topic on a professional or casual level to contribute to the discussion. Note: The Biofortified Blog is not partisan and will not accept political party statements or contributions that seek to politically polarize the discussion.

News, Media

How is the media covering science, ag, and food? You could write a short summary of some interesting news, or comment on the media’s coverage of important issues. Help keep everyone informed on those who inform us!


Interviews with scientists and others are a great way to contribute and pass off the writing to someone else! But you still have to write good questions. We can help put together questions, and so can our readers. If you have an idea about someone to interview, check with us first. Please don’t contact someone to do an interview for the Biofortified Blog without knowing whether it will be a good fit. We can also contact your interviewee for you, which might make it more likely that you will get the interview. Visit our Interviews page to learn more.

Art, Music, Video

Maybe you don’t have a writer’s touch, or perhaps you’ve just got this itch to draw cartoons or make music that would interest our readers. Feel like videotaping yourself with your plants and telling us something cool about them? We can feature it on the blog, and upload it to our YouTube channel.

Ask us!

If there is something you want to write about or produce as a contribution to the blog, please ask us before you put a lot of work into it. We may be able to provide advice and make sure that your work is a great success!