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Biofortified is primarily a Science blog, and we believe that those nitty-gritty details are what make this such a fascinating subject. Explaining some of those issues in plain terms is very important, and we do our best to make it interesting. When we write a post that is big on the science content, we put it in this category.

Review of “Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood”

The 2013 PLoS One article Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood is often used as evidence that genes from GMO can “transfer” into our bodies (such as in this article from Collective Evolution). In this post, I’d

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Don’t believe what Dr. Oz is saying about an agricultural herbicide


Television personality Dr Oz has released a video which talks about an agricultural product called Enlist Duo.  Virtually nothing in this video is presented accurately.  It is a prime example of fear-mongering around the issues of “GMOs” and pesticides.  I’d

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Sex and death in the cornfields, Part II- Why rootworms?

good rootworm pic

Hi, I started this series to explain a little more background behind the news and opinion articles you may have seen about Bt-resistant corn rootworms, with scary titles like Voracious worm evolves to eat biotech corn engineered to kill it

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Concentrate Organic Matter at Surface to Improve Soils

tilling the field

Organic matter is the key to soil quality, but building soil organic matter levels can be slow and expensive. There is an alternative. Research shows (Franzluebbers, 2002) many soil functions improve when organic matter is concentrated in the top 2-3″

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Do GMO crops “foster monocultures?”


Do GMO crops “foster monoculture?” This is a frequent criticism of modern agriculture. I have three problems with it: “Monoculture” isn’t the right term to use to describe the relevant issues – its really about a limited crop rotation History

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