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Biofortified is primarily a Science blog, and we believe that those nitty-gritty details are what make this such a fascinating subject. Explaining some of those issues in plain terms is very important, and we do our best to make it interesting. When we write a post that is big on the science content, we put it in this category.

Help Erika Bueno Fund Her Graduate Project!

Image of Apocephalus borealis, coutesy of Core et. al 2012

Finding funding for some research projects is incredibly difficult, especially for newer researchers. For phenomena which have only been recently described, finding funding is even more difficult than finding funding for more established research areas. Because of this, there are

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Sex and death in the cornfields: What is a refuge?

good rootworm pic

A lot of people have sent me news articles about the spread of Bt-resistant corn rootworm because they know I am interested in transgenic Bt.  These articles have alarming titles like Voracious worm evolves to eat biotech corn engineered to kill

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Biological Pest Control Basics

Biological pest control

Managing pests is an important part of cultivating plants whether you are tending a small garden in your yard or several fields of crops. Insect predators can make short work of healthy plants, particularly if insect predators are in abundance.

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Are Neonicotinoids the Sole Factor Responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder?


A recent paper published in The Bulletin of Insectology claiming that neonicotinoids are the sole cause of CCD has been circulating in the media. The author, Chensheng Lu, has a history of doing research that makes spurious claims about the

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Change your crop, change your soil

Soybean planted into wheat stubble. Image by Jason Miller, USDA-NRCS, via Flickr.

When I was a college student, almost every ag-related class I took mentioned the benefits of the “rotation effect” (better yields, fewer pests, etc.). However, aside from insect pests, how the “rotation effect” actually worked was always taught in only

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