Roundup in 75% of Air? What the Report Actually Says


Last week the anti-biotech websites exploded with the news: “Roundup Weedkiller Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples, Gov. Study Finds” and more scary-sounding titles like that. My first response was to get a copy of the paper right away so I could read all about it and see the data. That would be pretty remarkable. But I could not access the paper at Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. So how did all of these websites above and their scholarly journalists get the manuscript? I contacted one of the original paper’s authors, Dr. Paul Capel, and asked for a copy and

Vote on our next Kickstarter plush!


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Nine Dirty Little Secrets? One Inconvenient Truth


Over on Huffington Post’s Food for Thought Blog they have offered their bandwidth to a series of voices to expand on the epic science narrative Farmed and Dangerous.  “Farmed” is a slick and cute, yet intellectually simple and unsatisfying indictment of the American farming system.   One of the guest bloggers is Robyn O’Brien.  I like Robyn, I’ve spoken with her personally and we share an email now and then.  We’re on precisely the same page about issues like better nutrition and healthier eating especially for kids.  Where we part ways is on her less-than-scientific treatment of transgenic technology.  Robyn’s

Are You Micromanaging Your Soil?

Artwork for USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) campaign on the value and benefits of productive, healthy soil management. Image from NRCS via Flickr.

mi·cro·man·age: to manage or control with excessive attention to minor details. As a means to improve soil management, I commend the high interest in soil biology among farmers and gardeners. However, I have noticed the tendency for this interest to be combined with the thought that we should be able to fine-tune our soil biology for the good of our crops, health, sustainability, democracy, justice, and peace. OK, mostly just crops and soil health, but exaggeration does seem to be rampant when it comes to expectations.

Ask Frank N. Foode™: Getting Smarts to the Arts


If you search for the term, “GMO” in google images, you will be confronted by a deluge of emotive imagery – of art – designed with the sole purpose of making people upset at genetic changes being made to food, and the organizations and people who are doing it. Predominantly, these images are variants of the syringe-in-tomato motif, or an eerie Doctor Moreau chimeric blend of animals and plants, and zombie children. These images are not meant to educate people, but merely to stir up the emotions about fear of hypodermic needles or other “ick factor” changes to our