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Steve Savage is an agricultural scientist (plant pathology) with >30 years of experience in agricultural technology. He has worked for Colorado State University, DuPont (fungicide development), Mycogen (biocontrol development), and for the past 13 years as an independent. He also has a little vineyard in his back yard near San Diego. His speaking website is DrSteveSavage. His blogging website is Applied Mythology. You can follow him on Twitter @grapedoc
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I first learned about genetic engineering from Cohen and Boyer in a biochemistry class at Stanford in 1976/7.  I've never done any biotech lab work, but I have been following the field ever since including the early output trait work at DuPont and Mycogen's battle with Monsanto over Bt patents.  I tracked biotech patents for many years.  I attended symposia on bio-safety for the technology starting at least 8 years before the first commercialization.