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GM Watch finds GENERA useful, “badly needed”


Editor’s note: See an update at the bottom about GM Watch’s response to this post. In a discussion about the scientific literature on genetically engineered crops, Claire Robinson of GM Watch has previously said: “I am, as you say, unaware of

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Q&A about Plenish® soybeans

Susan Knowlton, image provided by DuPont Pioneer.

In the post What do you want to know about Plenish® Soybeans? we invited you to ask questions of Susan Knowlton, a Senior Research Manager with DuPont and the lead of the DuPont Healthy Oils team (see her bio below). Dr.

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Q&A about biofortified sorghum

In the post What do you want to know about biofortified sorghum? we invited you to ask questions of Marc Albertsen, DuPont Pioneer’s team lead for the African Biofortified Sorghum (ABS) project (see his bio below). Dr. Albertsen’s has provided detailed responses.

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What does a non-GMO label get you?

Gluten-free waffle breakfast at Silver Diner. Image by Teri Centner via Flickr.

I’m all for voluntary non-GMO labels. They’re a market based solution that meets a niche demand. They provide diversity in the market without raising prices for everyone. Still, I prefer to avoid them (and thankfully in the US, I still

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What do you want to know about DIY bio?

Poster by DIYBio. Used under a CC license.

Do it yourself biology, DIY bio for short, is the idea that DIY projects don’t have to be just about crafts, home repair, or electronics. Promoters argue that the tools needed to take apart, alter, and put back together living

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