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Reporting on genetic engineering can be challenging, especially when you have to visualize it for your readers. that’s why Biofortified has put together this series of images intended for the media (and everyone else) to use to help illustrate stories about plant genetics. Please remember to credit the images!


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Genetically Engineered Wheat
Photographer: Jack Dykinga

Source: USDA
Description: Wheat seeds treated with bacteria like those colonized in this petri dish are nearly immune to wheat take-all, a root-destroying fungal disease. The sequencing gel in the background bears the genetic code for bacterial enzymes that synthesize natural antibiotics.

Note: While this image was not intended to depict genetic engineering, it can work very well for that purpose. The wheat seeds, plate of bacteria, and genetic code background elements are common for genetic engineering.

Usage: Everyone is free to use this image for educational or business purposes. The USDA requests that media sources and other publishers send a tear sheet or a copy of the publication in which the image is used, so that they can justify the continued availability of their photo service. Find out more on the photo page. Available sizes:

Keywords: wheat, genetics, sequence, transgene, gmo, ge, ogm, bacteria, science, genetic engineering, plant pathology, antibiotics, genetically modified,


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we request that media sources and other publishers send a tear sheet or a copy of the publication in which the image is used.
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  1. James Cooper says:

    In the course of my writing about food and food science I have taken quite a few rather good pictures I’d be happy to donate if you’d tell me how to supply them. Pictures of corn, peas, sugar, beets, soybeans among them.

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