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Political Ideologies and the Anti-GMO Movement


The Anti-GMO movement has been around since before GM technology first walked across the world stage. The mere hint of it initiated the creation of activist groups against it, and the ideology of anti-GMO began before the public really knew

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Food Crises and Technological Phobia

2012 U.S. drought, credit: Theresa L Wysocki.

Drought across the United States has reduced substantially the expected yield of corn and soybean fields for the fall 2012 U.S. harvests.  With reduced yield, prices have risen rapidly for these crops that are widely-used food and feed ingredients, huge

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Want to identify plants with your smartphone?

Editor’s Note: We have been receiving a large number of requests to identify plants for people. We don’t have the resources or expertise to be able to do this. Please contact a local university extension expert if you are unsure

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What if Bt saved human lives?

When I was in grad school, there was a lab in our department that studied intestinal parasitic roundworms.  Although this wasn’t related to what I was doing in any way—everyone who has been to grad school will know that you

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Webcast Tomorrow: Now Serving 9 Billion

I just received word* that a special webcast will be happening tomorrow, Friday the 12th, called Now Serving 9 Billion: Global Dialogue on Meeting Food Needs for the Next Generation. The webcast will occur from 10 am-12 pm U.S. Eastern

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