One organic farmer’s view of GM

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Raoul Adamchak (at right) is a respected organic farmer and teacher who is stirring up new ideas with his wife, biotechnologist Pamela Ronald. They co-authored Tomorrow’s Table, a book about combining organic methods with biotechnology to produce healthy, cost-effective, sustainable food. Pamela has been outspoken about the book, but US News and Reports has the first interview that I’ve seen with Raoul: Solving the Food Crisis with an Unlikely Alliance. Of course, Pamela is an advocate of intelligent use of genetic engineering in farming, especially for traits like flood-tolerance. Raoul reminds us that genetic engineering is only a tool, one that isn’t worth much unless we use in a carefully designed system – such as organically grown Brandywine tomatoes that are engineered to be nematode resistant!
Via Pamela’s blog Tomorrow’s Table. Photo credit: Debbie Aldridge/UC Davis. Original caption: “Raoul Adamchak works with students in the Market Garden.”

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