In demand, getting famous!

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I’ve got a couple things to report. The first is that Pamela Ronald, who has just uploaded her first post at Biofortified, has been in the news lately. It isn’t often that plant breeding makes the news, and when she made top-of-the-wire headlines on CNN, I not only heard from colleagues back in Davis and Google News, but folks in my department were sending emails around about it.

Read Fighting Hunger with Flood-Tolerant Rice.

I hear from Pam that she’s not only finishing up on another grant proposal, but that she and her husband Raoul are heading to Hawaii inside a week to give talks about their book, which recently received Seed Magazine’s Best of 2008 distinction. (She’s been so busy she hasn’t blogged about the CNN article!)

Hawaii, as you know, if a focal point of genetic engineering activism. And as the new legislative session begins, coincidentally, Jeffrey Smith is also giving a string of talks in Hawaii. There’s no overlap, though.

Can anyone in Hawaii score me a recording of one of Smith’s talks?

Anyway, on her triumphant return, Pam Ronald will be introducing herself on this blog. Suffice to say she’s in demand, and we’re glad to have her here with us.

The second piece of news is that Biofortified has made two ‘Top’ lists assembled by other bloggers. With only a few posts so far, we have been included in the Top 50 Genetics Blogs by Jessica Merritt and in the Top 100 Botany Blogs listed by Christina Laun at Online College Blog. Pretty cool.

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