GM Watch admits joke

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The April Fools joke that fooled an OpEd “News” contributor last week, has admittedly been started by GM Watch.

And in case anyone’s still in the slightest doubt, the Times article by “Mark Handerson” (GM may be on the agenda at the G20 summit) that GMWatch circulated on the morning of April 1, and also posted onto its website, was also an April Fool.

Although the bogus article was authored by us, some others joined in the joke by posting the piece on their websites too, while others presumably took it at face value.

They also noticed my post:

Someone even went to the trouble of checking with the GM-adoring science correspondent of the Times, Mark Henderson (sic) that he hadn’t written our piece.

Yeah, well, my first thought was that it could have been a joke started by Henderson – why not hear it from the horse’s mouth? Although I didn’t guess ‘out loud’ in my post that GM Watch authored it, they were the prime suspect. They were evidently pleased with the attention they were getting. But honestly, was it that funny? I thought that Lendman being fooled by the bogus article was 10 times funnier than the article itself.

Tragically, his article remains unaltered. Except on his personal blog, of course. Edited without note – down the memory hole it goes!

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