Laws on selling food

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Many people who garden or make home preserves might be interested in selling their produce and products at the local farmers market or other places, but might not know what laws regulate sale of such items. Now, people can easily find out, thanks to the Leopold Center at Iowa State University. Their FAQs on Food Regulations for Small Market Food Producers provides information and resources.

For example, did you know that whole, uncut fruits and vegetables may be sold without any license and without charging sales tax? While growers of whole fruits and vegetables are not required to practice any particular food safety procedures, the Leopold Center recommends that Good Agricultural Practices (pdf) be used, such as using non-porus containers for transport of crops.

Of course, laws in Iowa could be different from other states, so make sure to check what is appropriate in your state (links for midwestern states can be found at the bottom of the page at “13. Can I sell my products in other states?”).

via the ISU Sus Ag mailing list.

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