Cheaters never prosper, so we don’t cheat!

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When you have science backing you, you don’t have to cheat (or lie).

Despite the fact that Biofortified is maintained by students and professors on a volunteer basis, and the fact that none of us are compensated by any company or organization for our blogging efforts, GM Watch has decided that we are “a blog run by some well known GM promoters”. I don’t know if using peer-reviewed evidence to make decisions about genetic engineering counts as promotion, but it’s nice to be well known!

Twitter screen shotGM Watch seems to be upset that Biofortified is currently ahead in the GMO: Risk or Rescue competition at Ashoka Changemakers. They claim that tweets to vote for us by industry caused our abrupt increase in votes, but that’s actually not the case at all.

A simple search on Twitter for “Biofortified” shows that my friend Mike tweeted about us 4 days ago. Then, the Council for Biotechnology Information and Mica from Monsanto tweeted about us 3 days ago, back when were were still behind in votes. It wasn’t until this morning when a truly well known blogger and scientist helped us out with a mention that our votes started to increase. Subsequent mentions by other well known skeptic and/or scientist personalities have kept our vote count going up all day!

Going by this evidence, one could argue that we are a scientist-backed blog, not an industry backed blog, which I think really says something about us. The fact that GM Watch lies rather than engaging in dialog really says something too.

Thanks to everyone who’s voted, and please continue to ask your friends and colleagues to support a science-based discussion of genetic engineering. They can find instructions on how to navigate Changemaker’s site right here on Biofortified.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that our primary competition is actually industry connected but their supporters are making up industry connections for Biofortified? I guess it all depends on which industry you’re involved with (or supposedly involved with).

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