Please vote for Biofortified!

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Genetic Maize is just one blog about genetic engineering that contributes to the group blog Biofortified. Scientist bloggers at Biofortified have all made a commitment to communicate with the public about GMOs.

Biofortified is in the running to win the Ashoka Changemakers contest, GMO Risk or Rescue. But we need your help! The grand prize is a $1500 grant and a conversation with Michael Pollan – both of which will help us to contribute to the global conversation about genetic engineering. If you read Genetic Maize or Biofortified and want to see bigger and better things, please take a couple minutes to register for Changemakers and enter your vote.

Please note that a vote for Biofortified is not a vote for genetic engineering – it is a vote for good science communication and for dialogue between non-scientists and scientists.

Their site is unfortunately awkward to navigate, so visit Biofortified for step-by-step instructions.

Thank you very much for your votes!

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Anastasia is Policy Director of Biology Fortified, Inc. and the Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. She has a PhD in genetics with a minor in sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University. Her favorite produce is artichokes!