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Biofortified is in the running to win the Ashoka Changemakers contest, GMO Risk or Rescue. But we need your help, dear readers. The contest entries close on October 21, and the voting will continue to the 28th. The grand prize is a $1500 grant and a conversation with Michael Pollan – both of which are sure to make this site better than ever. If you read Biofortified and have enjoyed some of the stuff we have written and want to see bigger and better things, please take a couple minutes to register for changemakers and enter your vote.

I heard that their site was a little awkward and people were having trouble navigating around and voting, so let me show you how to do it step-by-step!

1. First, go to the changemakers registration page. (Try opening the link in a new window or a new tab with a right click so you can refer back to here.) Fill out your name, email, and username. If you are concerned about getting unwanted emails in your inbox, check the box on the right and you won’t be bothered by any. Finally, enter the words you see in the ‘captcha’ box on the bottom – if they look too confusing just click on the little circle of arrows and it will give you another one.


2. You are now registered for the site, and you will get an email in your inbox. In this email will be a random password and a link that takes you back to the changemakers site. Click on it. When you get there, there will be a login button that will automatically log you into the site. The first place it will take you after you click on it is your profile page where you can change your password to something you can remember more easily. Feel free to change it, but if you are just quickly registering to vote it won’t matter. Leave the window open and come back here.

(If you accidentally click off the site, the auto-login link will not work again, so you’ll have to use the username and password sent to your email to login again.)


3. Now that you are registered and logged in, open the Biofortified contest entry page in another window like you did before. (If you go to this page without logging in first you will not be able to vote.) On the right hand side is a Thumb’s Up that shows how many votes we have. Click on it and watch your vote be tallied up!


4. You are done! Wasn’t that easy? Pat yourself on the back for helping us out. Or leave a comment on this post saying you voted so we can pat you on your back, too!

Thank you for your vote, from the center of my pithy stalk. Check back before the 28th to see how well we are doing, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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