Happy Birthday, Biofortified!

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Has it been a year already? Oh yes it has! Last Halloween was the launch of Biofortified, with the very first post of the blog. Since then it has been 80 posts of plant genetics goodness and 230 comments. We’ve had a couple guest posts and some interesting dialogue. We entered a big contest and had a lot of excitement recently… will Frank get a birthday present in a few days?

I know I see a lot of new faces around lately, some people introducing themselves here and there, but there are a lot more people reading than commenting. Blogs sometimes have “de-lurker” posts for people who who have been reading in the background (so-called Lurkers) to drop in and say hi. Tell us a bit about yourselves, what do you want to see here in the future? Favorite crop?

In the meantime, enjoy Ghost of ‘Frankenfood’ Haunts Europe. Boo!

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