Frankenfood Carving Contest!

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Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood genetically modified organisms here. Today is the last day to nominate someone for Community Contest #2, so remember to plug your worthy adversaries while there is still time!

For those who feel like grabbing a cutting tool when talking about genetic engineering, this next contest is for you – the first annual Biofortifed Frankenfood Carving Contest!

GMOs are often depicted harshly. For some reason, moving a couple genes around is supposed to make a plant grow teeth and attack the hand that waters it. Greenpeace turns onions into spiders and others turn corn into grenades. While I could be offended at such cultural misunderstandings, I want to turn this hyperbole around on its stalk! Let’s make veggies really scary!

Here are the rules:

  • This contest is open to everyone – you need not have ever commented on the blog before the day you enter in the contest. But, you will need to register for the blog to enter.
  • Carve any fruit, vegetable, grain, or heck, fungus into the scariest creature imaginable. While you may carve the classic pumpkin, extra points will be awarded for creative use of alternatives. Feel free to splice different plants together to enhance the phenotype! Do a little genetic engineering.
  • Upload a photo of your mad creation to your profile page, and mention it in the comments on this post below.
  • To give you time to upload a picture from a Halloween carving party, the contest is open until November 3rd, at midnight Pacific time in the US.
  • Biofortified’s Editors will decide on a winner and announce it on Friday the 5th Tuesday the 9th.

And what will you win? Like both previous community contests, you will get your very own Biofortified Tote bag. Look how happy MaryM looks with hers at the farmer’s market!

Update: The contest winner will also receive a mint-condition Norman Borlaug commemorative coin.

Dr. Norman Borlaug Bronze Medal 1-1/2” (908)


Start thinking of some ideas right away. You could carve a likeness of your favorite GE commentator, and browse around Extreme Pumpkins for techniques. Grab that rotten celery from the back of your fridge and transform it into a Frankensteinian Freak! As art is often commentary – make yours mean something about some aspect of the debate and you’re sure to be noticed. Give your creation LIFE!

Here I am with my entry, which I carved out of a Delicata squash! I think it has evil powers. (Obviously an unintended side effect of the transformation process.) Next to this vegetable, I’m downright cuddly. It’s gonna get youuuu!

Good luck!

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