Strong support for organic farming at TV forum. The difficulty is, organic means many different things.

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Organic or Not
Tuesday, 12 Oct 10 SBS TV, Insight current affairs


Organic food is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, and it is raking in the dollars for some enterprising businesses. Some people are prepared to pay up to triple for organic food in the interests of their health and the environment, but is it worth it? How does organic food stack up? That is what we are talking about tonight and you can too via Twitter and Facebook.

JENNY BROCKIE: Welcome everyone, good to have you here tonight. I am interested to find out from some of the people here what you think organic means. What do you think organic food actually is, Fiona?

FIONA: Well, I guess organic food is food that is supposed to be like healthy, should be healthy.

JENNY BROCKIE:  Healthy, how is it healthy though? If you see organic in a shop what do you think it means?

FIONA:  It shouldn’t have any insecticides on it or it should be grown naturally.

JENNY BROCKIE:  Okay Lyn, what about you, what do you think organic means?

LYN: Non exploitative, so anything that has been done humanely, so that takes it quite broadly.

JENNY BROCKIE:  Lorraine, what do you think organic means if you see an organic label on food or you see a sign that says organic food, what do you think that means?

LORRAINE:  I would say chemical free, pesticide free and, you know, grown without any other – naturally grown or…

JENNY BROCKIE:  Bill, you grow oranges. What do you think organic means?

BILL GENNIMATAS, ORGANIC ORANGE FARMER: Organic is representing nature and nature is a wonderful thing that we live in. Continues at link.

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