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Anastasia and I just got out of a Skype interview with John for Truffle Media, and the question came up, how to visualize a genetically engineered food? As I’m sure you all know when you read articles about genetic engineering, you get all kinds of crazy pictures from this:

To this:

When the scientific truth is more like this:

While we may write a lot about this topic, part of the battle for ideas is fought with pictures, and video too. I decided that we should put together a page of images for media to use. Here it is in its bare glory. So far, I thought that there could be four categories of pictures: Food, Science, Field, and Fun. The plan is to have several pre-edited sizes for each image, and full credits for those images. I want to make it easy for media to illustrate their stories.

So now the question is, how to depict genetic engineering? What kinds of pictures will be helpful? We have pictures such as the comparisons between GE and non-GE plants like the rotating images at the top of the blog. Have you seen anything you have liked, or might have some ideas for things to look for (or photoshop)? Let me know in the comments.

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