Biofuel beefed up by Biotech

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Vilsack clears industrial biotech corn
Des Moines Register Blog.
1:30 PM, Feb 11, 2011 | by Philip Brasher |Agriculture and Alternative Energy

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has approved a biotech corn variety that was engineered solely for producing fuel ethanol. Companies that mill corn for breakfast cereals and other foods have been fighting the move for fear the grain will contaminate their supplies.
The corn… contains an enzyme that reduces the cost of turning the grain into the biofuel. That same enzyme can make the corn unsuitable for some food products, including cereals and coatings on corn dogs, according to millers. The company involved  insists that the corn will be kept away from food channels through the use of grower contracts and financial incentives and by growing it only in areas where food companies don’t procure their grain supplies.

The corn… will go by the trade name Enogen…

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