Mandy and Fanny cartoon book for teaching kids about sustainable farming– from ISAAA

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Mandy and Fanny: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

A novel educational cartoon publication featuring two characters, “Mandy” and “Fanny”, which illustrates the attributes of biotech/genetically modified (GM) crops –biotech maize (corn) and biotech cotton and are viewed as the “Tom and Jerry” of modern agriculture. The cartoon publication “Mandy and  Fanny : The Future of Sustainable Agriculture” is the first educational cartoon of its kind developed by ISAAA, and narrates the story of two biotech crops, which have been grown over a billion hectares since 1996. The 60-page educational cartoon publication features a lively dialogue between Mandy (biotech maize) and Fanny (biotech cotton) – a crop-based educational cartoon designed to enhance understanding about biotech crops, particularly for children and young people at learning institutions.
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