Great Darwin’s Galapagos!

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Hi everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here.

I’m here to answer the call for a de-lurking post, so I thought I would break the ice and show a couple pictures from my recent trip to Madison, Wisconsin, to  attend the March Procession of the Species. Humans of all shapes and stripes were dressing up as their favorite species to celebrate the work of Charles Darwin. And here he is – the years have been very kind to Chuck, but I didn’t realize he was so big!

Giant Darwin

Karl went dressed as a giant ear of corn, and isn’t that a walking pitcher plant in the background?

Giant Dragonfly

And here I am with a lovely peacock and a huge dragonfly. Hey aren’t peacocks male – so this is cross-dressing too?

What are some of your favorite species? Here’s a great opportunity to say hi for the first time in the comments – and express some inter-species love!

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