Dropping the Science

Times are tough for science communicators right now. We’re in the middle of a funding crisis, and folks are still taking advantage of grants for personal gain. There are domestic terrorist organizations which target graduate students doing animal research which is especially terrifying to me because I’m a graduate student doing animal research. Although there are new, effective science communicators taking prominent places in popular culture like Neil Degrasse Tyson there’s less science on TV than ever before with once great TV channels like TLC and The History Channel falling prey to bad reality shows and rank quackery. Heck, even the Discovery Channel caves in at the thought of a little controversy which is just about the worst thing for science.

However, the internet gives me some hope. Online science based communities such as this one, scienceblogs, freethought blogs and others are extremely popular and don’t show any sign of declining. Another site’s been a favorite of mine, a site on the immensely popular internet website Memebase called Dropping the Science. It’s chock-full of nerdy inside jokes and descriptions like the one below of how science *really* works. I even like the name, Dropping the Science. It’s defiant and confident… something you’d say when you’re about to unapologetically present a winning argument. Go check it out.

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