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Hi everyone! It’s me, the one and only Frank N. Foode™ – and I have got some great news for you! A few weeks ago, we announced a fundraising drive for Biofortified with some lofty goals in mind. Hosting, videos, interview transcripts, artwork, and fees to incorporate as a 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and more. Our editors figured out that this could all be possible if the blog raised $2012 for the coming year.

There were many ways to contribute: Paypal donations, merchandise, telling your friends, and good ol’ fashioned checks in the mail. Bit by bit donations were rolling in, and I can also tell you that someone, somewhere, is the proud owner of a calendar featuring cheesecake shots of yours truly. 😉

A week ago we got to less than $100 of our goal, but then at the end of the week we suddenly passed it and then some. With the fundraising drive now at a close, we come to the moment you have all been waiting for. How much did Biofortified raise toward our goal for 2012?

Drum roll please……

$2443.06! $2491.66! $2540.26!

That is super sweet – and I’m not saying that just because I’m an ear of corn! Thanks to the generosity of our readers, (and of other blogs as well), we have vastly exceeded our goal for this year. We have the funds to get all of these projects rolling, with a cushion to carry us into the next year. Thank you every person who contributed! You have the gratitude of a plush ear of corn – and there’s nothing in the world greater than that (or so I’m told)!

The future of this site and its growth has been secured. Now comes all the hard work of following through on all these goals. I can only type so fast with these little husks, so I’ll leave that up to the humans. Now I’ve got to look presentable for my trips to Washington D.C., so I think I’m going to need to get a tux. What do you mean there’s no room in the budget for Cobnobbing?

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