What do you want to know about Arctic® Apples?

Previously, we asked you – our readers – what you wanted to know about the genetically engineered wheat experiment at the Rothamsted Research station in the UK. You came up with some great questions, and we all learned something new from the interview with Gia Aradottir that came from it. We think that this sort of thing will become a more frequent activity on the Biofortified Blog, in fact we’re going to do it again right now!

Frank wonders, can you make this pink lady an Arctic Apple too?

Many of you have probably heard of Arctic® Apples. These are a new type of apple that is genetically engineered to silence the enzyme that causes it to turn brown after you bruise or slice it open. Developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Summerland B.C., Canada, they are currently seeking regulatory approval in the US and Canada to grow, market, and sell the trees and their fruits. We have also talked about them on the blog before, and Neal Carter, the president of the company, stopped by to say a few words in the comments about the attention they have received. Now, your questions will be answered by Neal and his team.

The Arctic® Apple website has a lot of information on it, where you can learn about the process used to make this trait, how it works, and what kinds of changes happen to the apples. They also have a blog, twitter feed, and some answers to common questions.

But now the Biofortified Blog community has a chance to shine and come up with even more awesome questions to be answered right here in the next couple weeks. So, what do you want to know about Arctic® Apples?

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