GMOs on the Huffington Post

I know what you are thinking, but prepare to be surprised. While The Huffington Post has been a joke when it comes to science content on their blogs, there has been some good stuff coming out of their science news section. Our own Kevin Folta has been interviewed for the “Talk Nerdy to Me” series on the Huffington Post Science page. Cara Santa Maria talked to him about genetically engineered crops, and issues related to it. Have a look and watch Genetically Modified Food: ‘The Controversy is Really Curious to Scientists”!

“I look at the scientists around me and the scientists I know, and you look at the anti-GMO activists. And we agree with them on just about every issue: we care about the environment, or we’re into worker safety, we want to feed more people better nutritious food, we want to have sustainable ways to grow food, but we differ on this one area.”

Feel free to comment here, or join the discussion over on the Huffington Post. Kevin has been quite active with responses!

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