Have a Beer with Kevin Folta

Five years ago when I was taking a look at graduate schools I applied to, I found myself at the University of Florida at Gainesville. I remember meeting a professor there whose enthusiasm for plant science rivaled my own, and his name was Dr. Kevin Folta. You may know him from his blog Illumination, from the posts he has written for this blog, or from this video on the Huffington Post. He was invited to speak at the student-run Plant Science Symposium here in Madison last week, and naturally we had to meet up!

Ten years ago, he was a post-doctoral researcher at UW Madison and Kevin, Ariela and I went to one of his favorite Madison hangouts, the Harmony Bar and Grill, home of the Walnut Burger, and apparently an excellent tuna salad. It was great to shoot the breeze and catch up over a blue cheese burger and a couple beers, but before the evening got too long, we thought we would let our readers in on the conversation. As one twitter denizen said, they’d love to be a GM Mosquito on the wall. Well for a whole half hour, you can. I invite you to Have a Beer with Dr. Kevin Folta.

In case that’s not enough to make you want to click play – we talk about Strawberries, give some advice on how anti-GE activists can sharpen their arguments, and of course, Seralini.

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Karl earned his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics at UW-Madison, with a minor in Life Science Communication. His dissertation was on both the genetics of sweet corn and plant genetics outreach. He recently moved back to his home state of California. His favorite produce might just be squash.