KQED Quest on GMOs

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KQED Quest, based in San Francisco, has just posted a half-hour special on GMOs called Next Meal: Engineering your Food, by Gabriela Quirós. In the wake of proposition 37 in California there has been a lot more public awareness of genetically engineered crops, but little public education about it. (Just think what those millions spent could have accomplished) So in this special KQED Quest takes a look at the science of plant breeding and genetic engineering, interviewing Peggy Lemaux from UC Berkeley, Eduardo Blumwald at UC Davis, along with a host of other farmers, writers, and activists. I have been anticipating this special for some time, because I’m in it! Well, sort of.

As a consequence of being one of the few people doing videos about plant breeding, I have a lot of footage of growing, crossing, and harvesting various crops. So their path of hunting for footage led circuitously through UW-Madison channels to me. The funny thing is that they were already talking to colleagues of mine on the West coast who might have been able to refer them through a shorter route. Anyway, some of my footage made it into this video, and I also appear at 2:48. But don’t watch it to see me, watch it to see the discussion of this technology and its future.

Watch Next Meal: Engineering Food on PBS. See more from QUEST.

Now that you’ve seen it, you can participate in a Google+ Hangout with the Producers and some of the stars of this special Wednesday at 11 am Pacific Time. Check out What’s in Your Next Meal? A Discussion.

So what did you think about Next Meal: Engineering your Food?

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