Get the scoop on GMO wheat in Oregon

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Frank wants to learn more about wheat.
Frank wants to learn more about wheat.

Most Biofortified Blog readers will have heard by now that glyphosate tolerant genetically engineered wheat has been found growing in a field in Oregon. There’s a lot of interesting details to consider, but for now we’ll start with a simple list of links to help you find reliable information as this story develops.

First, let’s look at some general information about regulation of agricultural biotechnology in the US. There are three agencies that cover different aspects:

For information in the case of glyphosate tolerant wheat found in Oregon, let’s go right to the source:

How have the three agencies (FDA, EPA, USDA) evaluated glyphosate tolerant wheat?

Here are some responses from stakeholders:

There have been a lot of news articles about the glyphosate tolerant wheat, with varying amounts of useful information. Here are just a few:

So far, the announcement has had some effects on trade. Japan and a few other countries have suspended imports of wheat, despite there being no safety concern. The United States exports approximately half of its wheat, and is the biggest supplier of this commodity in the international market.

There is not a lot of information in the scientific literature on glyphosate tolerant wheat. Here are a few articles that readers may find interesting.

As the story develops, I will be covering it in more depth, and I will update this article with more information as it comes out.

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