I-522 Open Thread

Today, Americans will vote on a number of local political races and ballot measures. Among them is Washington initative I-522, which concerns mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods sold within the state. For those in Washington who remain undecided, we do have an analysis of the bill posted here, otherwise, this is an open thread for readers to post news about polling results, and aftermath of the election.

Check the election results as they come out here.

As of 9:04 Pacific Time on November 5 (election night), the vote tally is:

No: 536,272 (54.8%)

Yes: 442,127 (45.2%)

Total: 978,399

Update: As of 8:15 pm Pacific Time on November 6, the vote tally is:

No: 623,756 (54.3%)

Yes: 524,525 (45.7%)

Total: 1,148,281

It appears that I-522 has failed to pass by approximately a 9-point margin. Additional mail-in votes being counted does not appear to be moving the results significantly in any direction.

Hey people, BE CIVIL. Don’t come into a disagreement firing all cannons.

Save your cannons for the confetti!

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