Kaua’i Council appoints 11th-hour Member

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Frank and the angry seas of Kaua’i, Credit: KJHvM

Bill 2491 on the Island of Kaua’i has had its share of controversy, both scientific and political. The bill, concerning pesticide use and genetically engineered crop research, was substantially modified from its original version, passed by the County Council, and subsequently vetoed by the Mayor. On Thursday, the Council was to vote on whether to override the veto or accept it, and when some of the Council Members realized that they would not have enough votes to override the veto, they did something that they said they would not consider – they recessed the meeting, to appoint a new member to the council so that they could override the veto. The new council member would have less than 24 hours to decide on an issue that has been discussed for almost half a year. Jon Entine at Forbes has the full story.

Fix Is In On Anti-GMO Bill As Kaua’i Goes Rogue, Setting Hawaii County On Path To Legal Conflagration

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