Food and Farm interview about Cheerios and GMOs

GMO cheerio150I imagine that by now you’ve heard about the announcement from General Mills that they have removed genetically engineered ingredients from their original Cheerios cereal, while also leaving them in their other Cheerios products. (The sourcing of their sugar and corn starch ingredients is all that has changed.) The discussion in traditional and social media has both argued that this is a huge deal, or not a big deal, depending on who you ask. While making the switch, General Mills also affirmed the safety of GMOs, even buying google ad space to make this information easy to find.

The Food and Farm Show is a web radio and podcast, and host Ray Bowman posted an interview with me today where we try to make some sense of the news and the various contradictions that seem to come up. Is this a bellwether of products switching away from GMOs, or companies defending their use of them? Does it demonstrate the need for mandatory GMO labels or demonstrate the market meeting that need on its own? Ray and I try to make some sense of the news, and maybe talk a little about the art and imagery people use to discuss genetically engineered foods.


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