Election Day Open Thread

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Frank-Voted_400Today is Election Day, and people across the United States will be casting their votes in various political races, deciding the fates of politicians and ballot measures alike. This year, there are quite a few local issues related to genetically engineered crops that will be decided today. Here’s an open thread to discuss how they are going, and the eventual results.


Measure 92, which would label some GMO foods being sold in the state.


Proposition 105, which would label some GMO foods being sold in the state.


Maui County will be voting on the Voter Initiative: Genetically Engineered Organisms, which seeks to ban all GMO crops from the county. While the language of the ballot measure calls it a temporary moratorium, the sections that are supposed to include the specific details for lifting the moratorium are missing (but referenced), making it a de facto ban.

Kauai, Hawaii County Council and Mayor Elections. Some of the standing County Councils passed restrictions on genetically engineered crops, farming, and/or research, and some of the council members have made these moves a visible, main focus of their terms in office and campaigns for re-election. Candidates such as Dustin Barca have run for Mayor of Kauai on an anti-GMO platform, and the incumbent Mayor Bernard Carvalho has been criticized for opposing some of this advocacy.


Humboldt County will be voting on Measure P, which would  ban GMO crops from the county.


Is there anything missing from this list? Any reports from the polls? How do you think the races will turn out?

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