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You may have noticed a few changes here and there on the Biofortified Blog and across the website. We are hard at work making major improvements. We’re getting a much faster host, testing a responsive website design, switching comments to Disqus, moving to a better forum, developing special subscriber pages, cleaning up our about pages, and much more. There might be some growing pains, so we thank you for your patience and invite you to contact us if you notice any issues.

The most important thing you may have noticed is that we have switched from the default WordPress comment system to Disqus. Our 13,000+ approved comments are currently being indexed, but should reappear on the Biofortified Blog soon. You have likely seen Disqus comments at other websites, including NPR, The Atlantic, and Grist among many others. While every tool has its drawbacks*, we believe this will give users more control over their own comments. And you can now add images and other attachments to comments! You can learn more about Disqus and create an optional account at You can also log in to comment using Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Give it a try in the comments below!

Construction barrel monster. Image by Eric Merrill via Flickr.
He’s not as mean as he looks. Construction barrel monster. Image by Eric Merrill via Flickr.

*Disqus makes money by collecting data from its users (hey, everyone has to make a living somehow, and they do offer a good product). So privacy concerns may be a drawback for some. Not to worry, you can opt out of data collection. You can post as a guest. Or, simply create a Disqus account, go to account settings, and configure the personalization settings.

Update (July 21): We have transferred our forum to a new home, which should look and function better than the old one, and will be more visible to search engines and for sites such as rbutr and others! Find the new home for the Biofortified Forums here.

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