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We invite you to provide your comments to the White House on how to improve US regulation of biotechnology. Learn more below, and add your voice to our letter to the White House.

The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) has announced a major effort to update the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology. OSTP is seeking comments to inform the revisions. They especially need feedback from scientists, but comments from everyone are welcome.

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We encourage you to provide comments to OSTP on the questions below, and we invite you to sign a letter showing your support for thoughtful regulatory change. 

Because the federal comment website can be cumbersome, we will collect your comments and submit them on your behalf. The full list of questions asked by OSTP can be found in Federal Register Notice 80 FR 60414 and in Docket FDA-2015-N-3403.

  • Do you have examples or case studies highlighting experiences with the US biotechnology regulatory system? Have you experienced or observed any barriers to research involving biotechnology, or barriers to making products of biotechnology available to the public? How could the agencies reduce those barriers?
  • What would improve transparency, coordination, and efficiency of the regulatory system? How could regulatory agencies better communicate their roles and responsibilities both to scientists and to the general public?

We hope many scientists will take this opportunity to provide comments about biotechnology regulation. We want to scientists to have access to emerging technologies such as genome editing in order to address challenges in food and agriculture. Scientists in academia and small business have not been able to take advantage of biotechnology to solve challenges in food and agriculture. This is in part due to a confusing, burdensome regulatory system. The review of the Coordinated Framework provides scientists a special opportunity to speak to the White House and the regulatory agencies in the interest of enacting real change.

The first call for public comments ends on November 13, 2015 but we will continue to collect and submit your comments as the effort to update the Coordinated Framework progresses. There will also be at least 3 in-person meetings. The first is scheduled for October 30, 2015 near Washington DC from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm EST, and will be available via webcast. The other two meetings will likely be later this year or in early spring, with one meeting in the Midwest and one on the West Coast. Consider signing up for updates from the White House about the Coordinated Framework.

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