Statement on Kevin Folta and Conflicts of Interest
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Professor Kevin Folta of the University of Florida (UF) is a well-known science communicator in the subject of agricultural biotechnology. He is a plant scientist who has researched how plants react to light, and he started blogging about a variety … Read More

Dr. Kevin Folta joins our Board of Directors
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We are pleased to announce a new member of the Board of Directors of Biology Fortified, Inc., Dr. Kevin Folta! He is the Chair of the Department of Horticulture at the University of Florida, and is well-known in our community … Read More

Hogwash! A review of Whitewash by Carey Gillam
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A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey neighbor Your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor “We plant seeds in the South. We create.” Yeah, keep ranting We know who’s really doing the planting –Alexander Hamilton to Thomas … Read More

Making a difference at the FDA Biotech meeting
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On Tuesday, I attended the FDA Biotech Education and Outreach public meeting in San Francisco, and here is my experience participating in this public event. I was happy to be able to make a comment on behalf of Biology Fortified, … Read More

Final steps on the GMO Corn Experiment
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I’m exited to announce today that our first Citizen Science experiment, the “GMO Corn Experiment” is entering its final stage. It has been a long time coming, and I know each and every one of our participants have been waiting … Read More

March for Science with Biology Fortified!
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Tomorrow, thousands of people across the United States and even the world will March for Science. As both a celebration of knowledge and discovery and as a protest against political interference and rejection of scientific facts, the March for Science … Read More

Science Communication Webinar

Start Talking about Science Today – Free Public Webinar April 27, 2017 5 pm EDT (2 pm PDT) 1 hour long. Kevin M. Folta, PhD, and Karl Haro von Mogel, PhD. Biology Fortified will host a live, public webinar as … Read More

COI Confession: How Monsanto helped renovate my kitchen – April Fools
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Editor’s Note: This was a 2017 April Fools post, and the title has been edited to reflect that now that the annual pranking holiday has passed. Read on for commentary about conflicts of interest, and Karl’s experiences in such discussions. … Read More

110 Nobel Laureates to Greenpeace: Change Your Stance on GMOs
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More than 100 Nobel Laureates are calling on Greenpeace to reconsider its opposition to GMOs. Yesterday, representatives of the group of Nobel Laureates, Sir Richard Roberts, Professor Martin Chalfie and Professor Randy Schekman held a press conference at the National Press Club to explain why … Read More

Better Know a Scientist: Rice Research Scientist Dr Nir Oksenberg
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In this month’s “Better Know a Scientist”, I’m interviewing Dr Nir Oksenberg. He works in a lab that actually makes transgenic crops! Nir’s career seems to have taken a very windy road: he completed his PhD at UCSF studying a … Read More

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