There is a need for independent sources of information on biotechnology and other topics in food and agriculture. Independence can be compromised by funding from businesses or political parties that have vested interest in the subject matter, whether they are for or against biotechnology. For this reason, Biology Fortified, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and we are transparent about our funding sources. Our management and editorial decisions are not influenced by any donor.


Financial support for overhead costs such as web hosting comes from individual personal donations. If you would like to support BFI or contribute to one of our projects, there are many ways you can do so, including direct donations and purchasing custom merchandise.


  • We are currently seeking grants for multiple projects. If you represent a granting organization, or can suggest an organization that might be interested in supporting our efforts, please contact us.
  • In April 2013, BFI was awarded a $500 New Arts Venture Challenge grant from the Arts Enterprise at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to support our Cooking with Frank N. Foode™ educational video project.
  • In the summer of 2012, BFI was awarded a $10,000 peer-reviewed Education Foundation Grant from the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) for the proposal, “Communicating Risk with Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA).” This grant supports our efforts to stimulate accurate science communication, a goal shared by ASPB. However, views expressed on our site might not align with all ASPB position statements and might not be supported by ASPB.
  • In November 2009, BFI was awarded a $1,500 grant from Ashoka Changemakers in the GMO Risk or Rescue contest (We won!).

Non-profit status

In 2012, we incorporated in the state of Wisconsin as a nonprofit corporation, changing our name from Biofortified to Biology Fortified, Inc. (the “Inc.” is required by the state of Wisconsin). In 2013, we achieved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which you can verify with the IRS Exempt Organizations search (search for EIN 45-5503492). This allows for tax-deductible donations for our U.S. donors and provides an extra layer of transparency. Due to our small budget, we file the 990N e-Postcard with the IRS. View our 2012 990N.


The chart on the right shows the proportion of expenses spent on promotion (contest prizes, posters, shipping), hosting costs (server, domains, photo album), conference reporting (gas, train, cheap motel), site development (graphic design, plugins), and transcription of audio files. Note that authors of the Biofortified Blog are volunteers and are not paid for their work.