Over the years, Biology Fortified, Inc. has needed some short term and longer term independent contractors to help with our various projects. So far, that’s included a transcriber for videos and audio files, a few artists, and a programmer to name a few. On this page, we’ll post any open announcements.

If you are interested, please contact us! Paste in the contact box:

  1. Your contact information (name, email, phone)
  2. Which contract you are interested in,
  3. Why you’d be good for this contract,
  4. Why you are interested in this contract, and
  5. A link to your resume (such as on LinkedIn or in Google Docs).

We’ll remove the announcements when we have filled the position. If there are no positions listed, we have none available at this time. Please try back later.

Paid Positions Available

Web Programmer

Biology Fortified, Inc. is seeking a computer programmer who can assist us with site maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting errors. We are looking for someone who can assist us with redesigning our WordPress theme for a lighter, faster load time, installing additional features on our site, and correcting errors that may be using excess server resources. Ideally, you would have experience with the following:

  • Linux server environment
  • WordPress
  • Apache
  • PHP

Experience with enhancing security and troubleshooting server issues is a major plus. We expect that this paid position will involve 20-40 hours at first to update and correct current issues, followed by a few sparse hours periodically as the server is maintained. Let us know if you are interested on our contact page.

Volunteer Positions Available

Blog Editor

Biology Fortified, Inc. is seeking people to assist with editing, scheduling, and posting articles on the Biofortified Blog. Our blog contributors write and submit articles periodically, which need to be reviewed for appropriateness, accuracy, and cohesiveness.  Ideally you would have experience with:

  • Editing
  • Science writing
  • Fact-checking
  • Basic image editing (resizing, cropping)

This volunteer position will take 1-3 hours per week, depending on how many blog posts are submitted and how many authors you decide to take on. We are taking on more projects to build resources for the public, and we could use help keeping our popular blog going! Let us know if you are interested on our contact page.