More evidence against BT

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“Genetically engineered corn could harm aquatic ecosystems.” Catchy title, right? In summary, the scientists found that caddisflies, a common prey of freshwater fish, can be killed when they eat parts of transgenic corn plants that are expressing the BT toxin. … Read More

Caffeine in everything!

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We’ve all tried those chocolate covered espresso beans, and were left spitting out bitter bits of bean. A new product provides that boost without the yuck factor. ‘Sumseeds’ will be coming soon to a truck stop near you. They are … Read More

Flu shots from caterpillars

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Genetic engineering at its best! An article from the Discovery Channel describes a promising new method of producing vaccines. The current method takes about nine months each year. It relies on hens laying millions of eggs. Live flu viruses injected … Read More

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