Sperm Powered Nanobots

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Nanobots and nanodevices are fully formed in concept, but some of the pieces are harder than others to actualize. “One of the major limitations in making implantable, nanomedical devices is providing power to them,” said Travis, … of Cornell’s College … Read More

Natural Processed Foods?

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New research from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign shows that pre-cooked entrees can be better preserved with grape-seed extract, as discussed in the SD article Natural Ingredient Preserves Meat Quality In Precooked Supermarket Offerings. The effect is attributed to … Read More

More evidence against BT

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“Genetically engineered corn could harm aquatic ecosystems.” Catchy title, right? In summary, the scientists found that caddisflies, a common prey of freshwater fish, can be killed when they eat parts of transgenic corn plants that are expressing the BT toxin. … Read More

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