Finding the Truth

The “evidence” against genetic engineering is typically not evidence at all. It is usually hearsay that isn’t backed up by science, a misplacing of blame, or a misunderstanding about farming, biotechnology, or biology in general. This isn’t necessarily the fault … Read More

Carrots that help prevent osteoporosis

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Researchers at Texas A&M have developed carrots that have more bio-available calcium than wild-type carrots, according to a press release. Calcium deficiency leads to osteoporosis, which is one of the world’s most common diseases – affecting an estimated 50% of … Read More

GMOs are not monsters

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London’s Times Online had a great editorial about GMOs this past week, called “Frankenstein foods are not monsters.” It’s a sort of wake-up call to England and Europe, saying that the benefits of genetic engineering far outweigh hypothetical dangers that … Read More

New approach to fish feed

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Fish as human food present a unique problem. The protein they provide is high quality and low in fat. People all over the world enjoy fish as a staple of their diet. Unfortunately, the demand for fish has overtaxed natural … Read More

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