Write for the Biofortified Blog:

There are a lot of topics covered by the Biofortified Blog that lend themselves well to interviews. An interview allows us to tell a story about a person, a plant, a product, all of the above, and more. If you are interested in being interviewed, or if you want to interview someone else, read the information below, then contact us.

Interviews at Biofortified typically have two posts. After the person being interviewed has agreed to the interview, the author writes a post to introduce the subject and call for questions from our readers. This first post often has a bio and photo of the person being interviewed, and a picture of the food, science, or product being discussed.

After about a week, the author goes through the questions, removes any that are inappropriate, and puts the questions in an order that makes sense. The author emails the questions to the person being interviewed, who has about a week to email back with their response. The person being interviewed can include links to other sources, graphics, videos, etc along with a text response.

Next, the author serves as an editor, making sure that the answers to the questions flow well, paraphrasing where appropriate, etc. The author also makes sure the images and other media are properly formatted. Last but not least, the author encourages the person being interviewed to stop by and participate in the comment stream on their interview post.

Here are some examples of previous interviews:

If you aren’t sure what sorts of topics would be good for an interview, see the What to Write About page, or browse our Talks & Interviews category to see past examples. If you’re interested in submitting an interview, please contact us before initiating the interview. Visit our Article FAQ and WordPress Tutorial for more information on guest posts.