Halloween contest

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Use the hashtag #Biofortified10 to share pictures of science-related Halloween costumes, pumpkins, or decorations. We’ll select a few to win prizes!

2015 Biofortified Blog Top Ten

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2015 has been an exciting year in food and agriculture. There have been some major advances in biotechnology and big news in science communication. Some of this breadth is on display in our most popular posts this year. Interspersed with … Read More

Become a Sustaining Member!

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Biology Fortified, Inc. has tirelessly brought crucial scientific information and insightful commentary to discussions about agriculture, food, and biotechnology. As a small non-profit organization our funding has primarily come from donations from our readers and supporters, and sporadically as the … Read More

Site construction

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You may have noticed a few changes here and there on the Biofortified Blog and across the website. We are hard at work making major improvements. We’re getting a much faster host, testing a responsive website design, switching comments to Disqus, … Read More

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