The League of Nerds on GMOs

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The League of Nerds (TLoN) is a podcast hosted by two charming young science nerds: James Gurney and Myles Power. Recently, they began exploring the GMO debate in more detail. I’ve been subscribed to them on iTunes for some time and listen … Read More

A fine kettle of fish fearmongering

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Consumers continue to demand fish at very high levels, and this puts pressure on wild fish stocks. A report recently highlighted the fact that aquaculture is becoming increasingly important: If we continue to fish at the current pace, some scientists … Read More

No soup for you

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Close your eyes for a minute (after this paragraph) and think about the technology you have around your house. Maybe your TV, DVD player, your smartphone, your tablet. Maybe you like the way it works. But could it be better? … Read More

The Amish use GMOs, you know.

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More than once I’ve thrown that title into a conversation–in real life or on twitter–and I’m usually met with stunned responses or disbelief. And if it’s on twitter it usually gets some retweets, which reminds me that some people are … Read More

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