Natural GMOs Part 105. Comparing more ancestors clarifies family relationships of a nasty germ

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Genome and plasmid comparisons of Enteroaggregative E. coli strains, Rasko  and others NEJM 2011, illustrated by comparisons of the main chromosome, and two plasmids, one encoding antibiotic resistance, including extended spectrum beta-lactamase, the other (pAA) encoding enteroaggregative virulence traits. An … Read More

The EFSA is doing traceback of E. coli contaminated fenugreek seeds imported into the EU. Preston and Tribe do traceback with plagiarised junk science.

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The European food safety authority is currently tracing the sources and distribution of allegedly deadly E. coli contaminated fenugreek seeds originating in Egypt which have been implicated in several different outbreaks of severe pathogenic E. coli infections occurring these last weeks in … Read More

Real progress on EU E. coli outbreak: An Egyptian fenugreek seed source to European food disaster?

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European Food Safety agency EFSA has traced the food chains from the seed sprout associated E. coli food illness in the EU that has killed 48 people. The evidence is pointing to imported Egyptian fenugreek seeds at this moment in … Read More

First they banned irradiation of foods, then GMOs, now they are starting on nanotechnology — all life-saving technologies.

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Nanotechnology Now – Press Release: “Nanostructured water treatment products to be worth $2.2 billion in 2015” Warnings from nutritional hell, with apologies to El Bosco We live in a world where whole organisations make comfortable incomes by demonising technology. These … Read More

Genetic family trees show the German outbreak of E coli is a member of small family of germs called EAEC — that includes an African germ — and is distinct from EHECs

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The latest news is that the German outbreak strain of Escherichia coli is a member of small family of germs called EAEC that includes an African member (Ec55989 ). This family is clearly distinct from classical EHEC (=STEC)  bacteria such … Read More

Speedy tweets matter for science, and fimbriae hairs matter for death and disease from lethal German EHEC E. coli germs

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…[The German outbreak  bacteria form fimbriae [pili].” Fimbriae are small tentacles that help EAEC bacteria stick to the intestinal wall. This could lead to a stronger colonization of the gut and more toxin being released into the body. Speed matters: … Read More

Natural GMOs Part 86: The parents of the German E. coli germ engaged in horizontal gene transfer

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STEC/EHEC outbreak – horizontally transferred genes « bacpathgenomics: “STEC/EHEC outbreak – horizontally transferred genes” Kat Holt has produced a fantastic visual presentation of the family tree of the German disease causing E. coli EHEC/EAEC/STEC germ. The Pundit won’t spoil her … Read More

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