41 Swedish plant scientists speak out against harmful EU regulation of modern plant genetics

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Quasi-science prevents an environmentally friendly agriculture and forestry (see original blog post here) European legislation in the field of genetic engineering is so narrow that it blocks the ability of researchers to take progress from publicly funded basic research on plants … Read More

Mandy and Fanny cartoon book for teaching kids about sustainable farming– from ISAAA

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Welcome to ISAAA – India Biotech Information Center Mandy and Fanny: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture A novel educational cartoon publication featuring two characters, “Mandy” and “Fanny”, which illustrates the attributes of biotech/genetically modified (GM) crops –biotech maize (corn) and … Read More

Australian scientific collaboration set to break world’s reliance on fish for long chain omega-3

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12 April 2011. Press release A pioneering Australian research alliance is leading the international race to break the world’s reliance on fish stocks for its supply of the vital dietary nutrient, long chain omega-3. Today (Tuesday 12 April) three Australian … Read More

The Future of Food and Farming Priority 6: Promote sustainable intensification.

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The Future of Food and Farming: Challenges and choices for global sustainabilityUK Government Office for Science 2011Executive Summary From the IntroductionProject aim: to explore the pressures on the global food system between now and 2050 and identify the decisions that policy … Read More

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