Oxfam should get serious about malnutrition: Africa needs roads and nitrates

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A recent UK Times opinion piece by rational optimist Matt Ridley has really hit the nail of the head about food security, linking together many issues that are repeatedly tackled at this website. The value of fertiliser. The needs of Africa. The … Read More

What Europeans should have read about pathogenic E. coli in 2007 to have helped avoid the current food safety crisis

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E. coli can survive for a long time on composted soils Germany is fatally sick. There is a lethal elephant in the room.  This is that elephant: “Use of animal wastes in fertilization of fresh fruits and vegetable plots significantly … Read More

Australian scientific collaboration set to break world’s reliance on fish for long chain omega-3

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12 April 2011. Press release A pioneering Australian research alliance is leading the international race to break the world’s reliance on fish stocks for its supply of the vital dietary nutrient, long chain omega-3. Today (Tuesday 12 April) three Australian … Read More

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