Crop Modification Techniques Infographic

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To help educate people about the many methods that are used to generate new traits in plants, Biology Fortified has created an infographic on six different crop modification techniques, with examples of crops generated with each method. This infographic was … Read More

Natural GMOs Part 105. Comparing more ancestors clarifies family relationships of a nasty germ

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Genome and plasmid comparisons of Enteroaggregative E. coli strains, Rasko  and others NEJM 2011, illustrated by comparisons of the main chromosome, and two plasmids, one encoding antibiotic resistance, including extended spectrum beta-lactamase, the other (pAA) encoding enteroaggregative virulence traits. An … Read More

Natural GMOs Part 86: The parents of the German E. coli germ engaged in horizontal gene transfer

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STEC/EHEC outbreak – horizontally transferred genes « bacpathgenomics: “STEC/EHEC outbreak – horizontally transferred genes” Kat Holt has produced a fantastic visual presentation of the family tree of the German disease causing E. coli EHEC/EAEC/STEC germ. The Pundit won’t spoil her … Read More

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