First they banned irradiation of foods, then GMOs, now they are starting on nanotechnology — all life-saving technologies.

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Nanotechnology Now – Press Release: “Nanostructured water treatment products to be worth $2.2 billion in 2015” Warnings from nutritional hell, with apologies to El Bosco We live in a world where whole organisations make comfortable incomes by demonising technology. These … Read More

Growing of transgenic crops can contribute in all three traditional pillars of sustainability — economic, environmental and social.

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Review article The role of transgenic crops in sustainable development Julian Raymond Park, Ian McFarlane, Richard Hartley Phipps and Graziano Ceddia School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6AR, UK Summary The concept of sustainable development … Read More

Group-think in action: Greens who don’t toe the party line vilified by traditional sections of the environmental movement.

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 In the Pundit’s opinion, serious difficulty with solving global environmental problems is lack of open-minded and objective evaluation of all of the options on the table. Another difficulty is that without full knowledge about how the world works, without practical … Read More