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April Fools: FoIA requests expand to all published academic GMO research

By Karl Haro von MogelFOIA2000
1 Apr 2015

Editor’s Note: The following post was part of our 2015 April Fools prank on our readers. A lot of people had fun reading and joking about it. If you were worried about so many researchers being harassed you can now relax, but if you were a graduate student looking forward to a free weekly buffet […]

Plushies have arrived!

By Karl Haro von Mogelplushieparty
18 Feb 2015

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. The Frank N. Foode™ and Lanakila Ā. Papaya™ plushies have arrived! I was just sending an email yesterday to get an update on the status of our shipping, and before the manufacturer could get back to me, I got a phone call from our mailbox. A pallet […]

USRTK wants the Emails of Public Scientists

By Karl Haro von MogelThe logo of USRTK
11 Feb 2015

This is troubling news for academic scientists. An organization called “US Right to Know” has issued at least a dozen legal requests to the home universities of public scientists who have made efforts to educate the public about genetically engineered crops. Using the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state laws, they want access […]


Space Farming is Science FICTION

By Andrew McGuirea
8 Apr 2015

It said on the screen, “Bioregenerating Soil-Based Space Agriculture.” The title of the talk was “Beyond Intensification.” The speaker, a prominent researcher and prolific author, is someone who I thought would present clear thinking on how, in addition to intensification of current agriculture, we can go about producing enough food for the earth’s growing population. […]

Deathmatch: Conventional Breeding vs Transgenesis

By Layla KatiraeeLayla's mad photoshopping skills were put to the test in the making of this graphic.
29 Mar 2015

“Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.” – Professor Xavier

I love that quote from X-Men.

Other […]

What makes honeybee colonies Collapse?

By Joe BallengerFrank likes bees too.
17 Feb 2015

Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder has always interested me, because I’m interested in insect pathology – and this is probably the most important insect-pathology related event we’ll see in our lifetimes. I’ve written about CCD here at Biofortified, first in my post Colony Collapse Disorder: an Introduction. I followed this up with Are Neonicotinoids the Cause […]


Should science be a democracy?

By Layla KatiraeeDubai Air Show by Alexander Babashov via Flickr.
10 Apr 2015

A January 2015 survey conducted by agricultural economists at Oklahoma State found that 82% of Americans want their food labeled if it contains GMOs. The same survey found that 80% of Americans want their food labeled if it contains DNA.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. After the initial face-palm, my feelings of intellectual superiority gradually ebbed […]

Have you signed the #Science14 letter yet?

By Karl Haro von MogelA word cloud of the current signatories!
20 Mar 2015

Two weeks ago, I announced that the Cornell Alliance for Science and Biology Fortified co-sponsored an open letter to the professors and academic scientists who were targeted by the US Right to Know (USRTK) organization, seeking to read over two years of their correspondence. Our goal is to reach 1,400 signatures – 100 for every […]

Stand with the #Science14

By Karl Haro von Mogelscience14_2
4 Mar 2015

Biology Fortified is pleased to co-sponsor this important open letter with the Cornell Alliance for Science. I encourage academic scientists and anyone who values academic freedom to stand with the fourteen academic scientists and professors who have been targeted to turn over their correspondence.
Stop the next Climategate: Stand with public sector scientists and show […]

Talks & Interviews

Better Know a Scientist: Entomologist Erfan Vafaie

By Layla KatiraeeErfan Vafaie. Image from Texas A&M.
8 Apr 2015

This is the first in a new series called “Better Know a Scientist”. The goal of these interviews will be for scientists to share their research, for us readers to gain more knowledge in a field we may not be familiar with, and to learn a bit about the individuals doing the research as well. […]

The Return of a King – The American Chestnut

By Karl Haro von Mogelexcitingresults600
2 Dec 2014

When European settlers came to America, they found vast forests in the Appalachian mountains, dominated by the American chestnut. The chestnut quickly worked its way into the lives and culture of our country, and was used for lumber, food, forage, and fuel. But today, the chestnut is nearly gone – almost completely wiped out by […]

Live chat about the future of Biology Fortified

By BFI BoardBFI-board
1 Dec 2014

Friends, readers, and supporters, earlier this month we revealed some unfortunate news about our sites being under attack. Since our announcement the outpouring of support we have received has been heartfelt and overwhelming. Expressed through signatures and comments on our open letter, blog posts and support through social media and donations, you have expressed your […]


Celebrate cookies and science

By Anastasia BodnarGirl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints & Samoas - by Brianpdx via flickr
31 Jan 2015

Scouting was a very important part of my childhood. I learned independence, teamwork, and so many other important life traits. Not to mention the camping, singing, crafts… and cookies! Selling cookies was one of the highlights of each year. Thanks in large part to my grandmother who worked in a hospital and my aunt who worked […]

Let’s make Music for Cooking with Frank N. Foode™!

By Karl Haro von MogelFrank-piano
17 Sep 2014

As many of you may have heard, following the unboxing of our Frank N. Foode™ and Papaya plushies, we have placed the order for these plushies and the factory is beginning production. Not only that, but we managed to increase our order from the original 500 Franks and 250 Papayas to 750 Franks and 500 papayas! The […]

What does a non-GMO label get you?

By Anastasia BodnarGluten-free waffle breakfast at Silver Diner. Image by Teri Centner via Flickr.
27 Feb 2014

I’m all for voluntary non-GMO labels. They’re a market based solution that meets a niche demand. They provide diversity in the market without raising prices for everyone. Still, I prefer to avoid them (and thankfully in the US, I still have the choice to do so) in large part because I don’t think they’re accomplishing […]

Science & Society

The Redskins suck and so do GMOs

By Nikolai BraunMarching against Monsanto, Vancouver BC by Rosalee Yagihara via Flickr
14 Mar 2015

I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area watching Redskins football with my family. I haven’t seen a Redskins game since I moved away from the area in the early 2000’s, and now I couldn’t name more than 1 player currently on the team. But I have a strong opinion about them: I think they suck. They are terrible […]

Moving past our assumptions

By Anastasia Bodnarby Chris Devers via Flickr.
24 Jan 2015

If you could improve one thing in discussions between people with differing views, what would it be? I would encourage people (myself included!) to stop making assumptions about each other.

The thoughts here have been swirling in my mind for years, and it’s finally time to try to collect my ideas. I’m inspired to action […]

Feeling Detached from Food Production? Blame Jethro Tull

By Steve SavageJethro_Tull_(agriculturist)
5 Jan 2015

Many consumers today feel out of touch with how their food is produced and are disturbed by a lot of what they hear about it through their social networks or other sources of information. If it is necessary to assign fault for this phenomenon, I think we could blame Jethro Tull.
Jethro Tull!?

No, I […]

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