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One Thousand Celebrations of Science!

By Karl Haro von Mogel1000-mini
4 Jul 2014

Today, on the Biofortified Blog we have reached an important milestone. For over five years we have been blogging, having a conversation, and building resources for people to learn about science, plants, agriculture, and particularly genetically engineered crops, and now we have a total of 1,000 blog posts! While I did give an update on [...]

Why does Russia Plan to Stop GMO Cultivation and Imports?

By Caroline Coatneyrussian-prime-minister-dmitry-medvedev-723081-russian-prime-minister
6 Jun 2014

Russia has said a loud and resounding no to GMOs this spring. The country banned the import of GMO food and food products a few months ago. It has also postponed Decree 839 from coming into effect. Currently, no GMO crops are allowed to be grown on Russian soil, excluding those used for research purposes; [...]

Vote on the New Frank n. Foode™!

By Karl Haro von Mogelfrank7
26 Apr 2014

Friends, Readers, Kickstarter Backers, lend me your eyes and look at these ears! As you know, we raised enough money in our Kickstarter campaign to make 500 Frank N. Foode™ plushies, and 250 Hawai’ian Papaya plushies. I’m pleased to announce that the first drafts of these plant plushies are ready for the public eye, and [...]


Biological Pest Control Basics

By Mike BondsBiological pest control
8 Jul 2014

Managing pests is an important part of cultivating plants whether you are tending a small garden in your yard or several fields of crops. Insect predators can make short work of healthy plants, particularly if insect predators are in abundance. The good news is that there are natural ways to combat these pests that growers [...]

Are Neonicotinoids the Sole Factor Responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder?

By Joe Ballenger5905532828_06a14b450c_z
5 Jun 2014

A recent paper published in The Bulletin of Insectology claiming that neonicotinoids are the sole cause of CCD has been circulating in the media. The author, Chensheng Lu, has a history of doing research that makes spurious claims about the relationship between CCD and a specific group of pesticides. In this post, I am going [...]

Change your crop, change your soil

By Andrew McGuireSoybean planted into wheat stubble. Image by Jason Miller, USDA-NRCS, via Flickr.
29 Apr 2014

When I was a college student, almost every ag-related class I took mentioned the benefits of the “rotation effect” (better yields, fewer pests, etc.). However, aside from insect pests, how the “rotation effect” actually worked was always taught in only general terms, especially when it came to rotation effects in the soil. Recently, however, genetic [...]


Five Tasty Reasons To Reconsider GMO Crops

By Steve SavageWine+and+Chocolate
17 Jun 2014

What if premium coffee, gourmet chocolate, fine California wine, bananas, or not-from-concentrate orange juice become costly or scarce? Would that matter to you?

GMOs: Days of Future Past

By Karl Haro von Mogelprof-x
29 May 2014

What if you could go back in time to change the course of history for the introduction of GMOs. What would you do differently?
The debate over genetically engineered crops has raged for more than twenty years. While most people are still not very aware of GMOs, nor do they have strong opinions about them, [...]

No soup for you

By MaryMNo GMO for you!
17 Apr 2014

Close your eyes for a minute (after this paragraph) and think about the technology you have around your house. Maybe your TV, DVD player, your smartphone, your tablet. Maybe you like the way it works. But could it be better? Could it be safer? Could it be more environmentally friendly? Would a new OS provide [...]

Talks & Interviews

Edible Education 101 and GMOs

By Karl Haro von MogelPamela
26 Apr 2014

Last week, Dr. Pam Ronald gave a lecture about genetically engineered crops in Michael Pollan and Raj Patel’s Edible Education 101 class. After the 1-hour lecture, she sat down with Pollan and Patel to debate and discuss the issue. The New Yorker wrote a story about it, and now you can watch the video!

Dr. [...]

Q&A about Plenish® soybeans

By Anastasia BodnarSusan Knowlton, image provided by DuPont Pioneer.
2 Apr 2014

In the post What do you want to know about Plenish® Soybeans? we invited you to ask questions of Susan Knowlton, a Senior Research Manager with DuPont and the lead of the DuPont Healthy Oils team (see her bio below). Dr. Knowles has provided detailed responses to some of your questions.

Q&A about biofortified sorghum

By Anastasia Bodnar
18 Mar 2014

In the post What do you want to know about biofortified sorghum? we invited you to ask questions of Marc Albertsen, DuPont Pioneer’s team lead for the African Biofortified Sorghum (ABS) project (see his bio below). Dr. Albertsen’s has provided detailed responses.


What does a non-GMO label get you?

By Anastasia BodnarGluten-free waffle breakfast at Silver Diner. Image by Teri Centner via Flickr.
27 Feb 2014

I’m all for voluntary non-GMO labels. They’re a market based solution that meets a niche demand. They provide diversity in the market without raising prices for everyone. Still, I prefer to avoid them (and thankfully in the US, I still have the choice to do so) in large part because I don’t think they’re accomplishing [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Frank N. Foode™Thanksgiving2011
28 Nov 2013

Enjoy your food tonight, thank some farmers and scientists. Forget about the politics for a little while.

Michelle Obama: Don’t go on The Biggest Loser

By Ariela Haro von Mogelbiggest-loser-150
7 Nov 2013

Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama,

I am a dietetic intern with Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina writing on the subject of your reappearance on the popular reality show, The Biggest Loser.

I understand the concern over adult and childhood obesity, and implementing effective strategies to combat it. However, The Biggest Loser is not an appropriate platform [...]

Science & Society

Dear Legislator, About that GMO Labeling bill…

By MaryMmassachusetts-stamp2
22 Jun 2014

Like a number of other states, GMO labeling in Massachusetts has been inching along for a while. Recently it came to the surface, which has prompted me to write to state politicians with some thoughts on the bill and the issues. After sending a first letter expressing disappointment at support for this bill, one thoughtful [...]

Will Organic Apples be re-defined as “Contaminated?”

By Steve SavageApple+orchard
2 Jun 2014

There is an interesting new “GMO” apple nearing approval in the US and in Canada called the “Arctic Apple.”  It was developed by a British Columbia, grower-based organization called Okanagan Specialty Fruit.  Certain genes in these apples are turned off so that the fruit doesn’t  express the enzymes that make the apples turn brown after cutting. [...]

Genetically Modified Dengue Fighters

By Layla KatiraeeThe Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which can be recognized from the banding pattern on its legs. Image by USDA via Wikimedia.
28 Apr 2014

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to Venezuela. I graduated from high-school and then chose to move back to Canada to go to college while my family stayed behind. It’s only in the past 2-4 years that my family left Venezuela due to the economic and political instability. And the kidnappings.

Most [...]

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