Who is Frank N. Foode™?

Frank N. Foode™ is the official mascot of the Biofortified Blog, a project of Biology Fortified, Inc. (BFI). As he travels the world in search of adventures in plant genetics, he gives us a personal connection to the origins of the foods we eat. Few are able to resist getting their photo taken with him!

How did Frank get his name?

The science behind genetically engineered foods is complicated, and often difficult for people to understand. Some people who think that these foods are strange, dangerous, or monstrous call them “frankenfoods” rather than try to understand them. At the same time many other foods that we commonly eat are themselves very strange in their own right – often even more strange than the changes made through genetic engineering. So we named our mascot Frank N. Foode™ to make light of it all! Our hope is that this fun character can help get people interested to learn and think about the issues surrounding plant genetics and agriculture, and give people a personality who they can follow around the world.

Frank is your friendly neighborhood genetically modified organism!

Where has Frank been around the World?

Frank has been to several states in the United States, and a growing number of countries around the world. Look at this map to see where he has been!

(current as of December, 2012)

Frank travels with the Editors and some contributors to the blog, who bring back pictures from his travels and share them in our photo album. Frank posts updates and news on his Twitter account and in blog posts, and he is so busy sometimes it seems like he is in two places at once! If you have somewhere you would like to take Frank, such as to a conference, museum, or exotic location, contact us with your idea, and maybe Frank can join you!

Who has had their picture taken with Frank?

All kinds of people! Frank N. Foode™ get his picture taken with scientists, writers, authors, politicians, philosophers, activists, farmers, and other people young and old. Some of the more well-known people who have posed with Frank include the late Senator George McGovern, food writer Michael Pollan, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and food safety attorney Bill Marler! Frank also loves meeting new plants when he goes on trips around to the world or even to local botanical gardens.

Getting your picture taken with Frank is not an endorsement of any of the views of BFI, the editors and contributors of the Biofortified Blog, or Frank N. Foode™ himself. We like to think that anyone who wants to be a part of the conversation, no matter what side they are on, will want to show the world that they’re here too. And if they’re not already famous, they are now – just by rubbing elbows with Frank!

Can I get one? Who owns Frank N. Foode™?

frankthumb2Yes, thanks to the generous support of our donors, Frank N. Foode plushies are now available! If you want to purchase a Frank N. Foode or his Hawaiian counterpart Lanakila Ānuenue Papaya, they are available on our Plant Plushies™ page. We also have Frank-themed merchandise in our Zazzle store, including bumper stickers, mugs, T-shirts, and aprons!

Frank N. Foode™ does not endorse products, least of all genetically engineered food products! Absolutely no product or service endorsements may be made that imply that Frank N. Foode™ and/or BFI support or reject a product or its competitors through the use of any Frank N. Foode™ images or his trademark name without the expressed written permission of BFI.

The original Frank N. Foode™ plush is an original design by Karl Haro von Mogel, so it is not available for people to have their own. We have retired the original design, and now use the new Frank N. Foode 2.0 (right) for our photo shoots and videos.

Frank N. Foode™ is a trademark of BFI. Artwork and photos of Frank N. Foode™ on biofortified.org and any accounts associated with BFI are also copyrighted. If you want to use a photo of Frank N. Foode™ on your site to show people who Frank is, you can do so as long as the image is unaltered (resizing is ok) and credit us as the source. We want people to have a chance to talk about Frank, while avoiding uses that run contrary to our mission. If you would like to use a photo of Frank for a project, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.